A life of a work in progress


After living in several countries, Mister P put down his luggage in Hong Kong, where he now lives with his family. A music lover from an early age, he set up his first studio at 13, and that was the beginning of a never-ending love story with sounds. Musician and live performer, his style ranges from Deep House to Latin, Hip Hop to Nu Disco, Chill to Electronica. He spent the last decade spreading his music between Asia and the Caribbean, performing with DJs as famous as Mr. Mike (‘Put Your Hands Up in the Air’), or Joel Lai, and in 2016, he released in 5th album, including the EP ‘Saturday.’

Creative Force

Surrounded by Beats

The man

Born in Seville, the capital of Spain’s Andalusia, and grown up in the center of Switzerland, he experienced living in various places and now lives in Hong Kong. Multilingual, his favorite language is music.

The beginning

He started playing music with flute and xylophone, thanks to his parents, who discovered his passion for music at quite an early age, bringing him to music classes. He then continuously insisted and finally convinced his father to buy him a computer, for being able to create his sounds and music. There, was the moment to set up his first music studio – he was 13.


He likes nothing more than being up to beat and speed, experiencing various styles, always keeping his signature sound. A violinist, a guitarist, a saxophonist, vocalists, and other exceptional collaborators and remixers, are some of the people he luckily produced music with.


Personal Albums




Featuring Mr. Mike, a legend in the house music scene, the track has hit a few dance floors worldwide. A match made in heaven, released on MAP Dance Records, Traxsource, worldwide on iTunes, and other platforms.

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A life across the globe

My name is Mr. P, real name Francisco Garcia, and I’m a music producer. I have been performing all over Europe, especially between Switzerland, France, and Italy.

Limitless creativity.

The creativity doesn't know from restrictions.

What I did enjoy with the electronic music, obviously in the mid-eighties, when I got in contact with the first home computers, talk about Commodore 64, if someone still remembers or the Amiga 2000. I only had four or eight channels, you know, you know, at that time, two megabytes was a huge amount of memory. But it doesn’t matter if you had four or eight channels, so you create the music around your possibilities. They were much more restriction, which is not a bad thing at all.

The man and the machines.

Studio as place of creation

Each time I entered the studio, I feel like I’m entering into a comfort zone. Definitely it makes me happy, you know, to talk to the machines, to communicate with the machines, they respond to me.  Sometimes they answer or they reply the way they want to. Sometimes there’s also maybe an escape, maybe from reality.

Happy Accidents.

Going with flow and while a having strong direction.

How to approach, you know, songs, projects, sometimes it happens purely by accident. I call them happy accidents. I do enjoy this kind of happy accidents, things which unexpectedly happen, you take it, you know, you cherish and you work on it. Sometimes just before entering the studio, I have a pretty clear idea or vision of how it should sound.

One man show.

Electro is multidecipline craft

The magic behind the electronic music is, you can be a one, you know, one person, a one-man band, a one-man show almost, so you don’t have to necessary to work with two or three others. If you’re playing in a band, you need a guitarist, you need a bass player, you need a drummer or you need a, you know, maybe you need also a saxophonist. You need a few people.

It's all about the music.

Fall as much you want.

I always did or produced the music I feel like, more than just what is right now, in the radio.  I do still remember from my first, very first gig where I think the promoter told me, “Francisco, excellent performance, everyone was very actually surprised and somehow, yeah, amazed by someone who is making music with a computer on stage”.  But he told me as well, “Yeah, but his music is not so in right now, or it wasn’t.”  So for me, it was never important, what is now very in or out fashion. It’s all about the music.

He is social. When he is out of the studio.

Getting in touch directly with Mister P

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