During the era of technological singularity, machine learning algorithms will seek to learn from our data with exponential speed. A short experimental film and attempt to visualise the POV of a future artificial intelligence agent and its prime encounter with our world, its linear experience and the rapid absorption of all available information.


Behind the scene, our goal was quite simple. We want to create the perception of the audience of a linear and unstoppable movement.

  • Distribution

    Web, Film Festivals

  • Filming Location

    Hong Kong

  • Produced by

    Visual Suspect


Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, the film has been shot in photographs and not in the video form.

Creative Direction

The question before every frame.

The underline story is about POV of a future Ai, encoder, and absorbing all. Above all, we want to visualize the rapid and linear escalation of that type of event. By having camera passing through almost anything is creating the feeling of unstoppable

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