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The inevitable awareness, coming from such a journey, has been about realizing how diverse the cultures are, despite similarities between humans. In same way, being the same, and having to learn.

across the continents

Worldgrapher came to life after a long trip of Yiannis and Gwendoline Biliris. A journey extended throughout 35 countries and three continents that lasted for more than three years. During this period, Yiannis & Gwendoline were in quest of meaningful stories about people and places.

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They were looking to create short films, without any conceptual filter – either on the subject or on the place to be focused. This gave them the freedom to meet a wide variety of people, getting them exposed to a wide range of stories, such as collecting water from the clouds in the middle of the Atacama desert or meeting artists getting ready for their upcoming shows in some of the world’s metropolis.

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We are inspired by human beings and driven by their crafts. We gained in faith by looking at people and their breakthroughs, entrepreneurs working to better our lives, technologies changing the status quo. Worldgrapher is made of creative people around the world. We aim to bring light to innovations and original approaches made by people for the people.

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“The essay, beautifully haunting in its imagery, might be seen as a reflective commentary on the state of our built environment today.”


on Theory of Relativity

``Stunning 'orbital drone-lapse' captured by flying a drone in huge circles``

DP Review

on Low Earth Orbit

``In other words, satellite footage can often seem far too abstract and removed from our daily recognition, whereas the footage captured here is far more, well, down to earth. ``

The Drive

Low Earth Orbit


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Produced by Visual Suspect. The majority of the films are shot in Hong Kong while have been well accepted via web and organic share and international festivals.





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